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Our goal is to become the premier proxy listing service - making sure you always have access to a large choice of quick, easy and anonymous browsing tools. We manually review all submissions to ensure only the highest quality and most reliable proxy sites get in.

To ensure the listings remain up to date we regularly monitor the uptime of each proxy site & remove any bad links. In order to always keep our visitors unblocked, we very much welcome all totally new proxy recommendations you may have.

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What Personal Information Is Vulnerable?

When you're using the internet a wealth of information is available to third parties. Whether it's an individual webmaster, intrusive administrator or government agency - snooping on your business without a proxy is easy. Your computer leaks certain information by default, such as operating system, IP address, browser software and much more. Most proxy sites are very easy to use and work instantly to anonymise your online surfing. Using a proxy makes your PC more immunde online, changes IP and strips out dangerous code.